Comming up, recording!

Next week it is going down! On Thursday the 14. of June we are going to record Descent into the Maelstrom in Stormen Kulturhus in Bodø! Keen on joining? Tickets can be picket up at the ticket counter before the concert, be there by 12:30 PM.

After the concert we are, as promised, taking the Arctic Philhamronic out to Lofoten and on the 15th. they will perform the piece on topp of Ryten overviewing Kvalvika and the endless sea!

The Arcitc Philhamornic, here seen on Svalbard.

The Arcitc Philhamornic, here seen on Svalbard.

First part of shooting is done!

During the week before and after easter we went to Lofoten to start documenting the lives of those who live and work there. The kind of people fighting with the enivornment and harsj weather everyday. We had an amazing time, and the our shots got even to pretty since the lords of weather blessed us with some amazing sunny days. See below for some pictures: